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The Ministerial Conference on Diabetes 2018

The diabetes epidemic is a serious global health issue. In 2016, there were 422 million people worldwide with diabetes (8.5% of the world population), and 1.2 million reported deaths directly caused by diabetes1. As part of a global effort to combat this epidemic, Singapore is hosting the 2018 Ministerial Conference on Diabetes from November 26-27, where over 300 international and national delegates will congregate. During this conference, health ministers, government officials, and academic leaders from 18 countries will focus on methods of health promotion, behavioral support, and using technology to improve health2.

Adopting new lifestyle habits is difficult, especially when it comes to exercise and diet. Understanding the importance of lifestyle modifications in diabetes management, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore Tharman Shanmugaratnam delivered the opening address and stated that it is extremely important to start developing a healthy diet at a young age in order to shape children’s taste preferences. He also sheds a light on the importance of early diabetes screening of the population and urges participation of every government sector to confront this epidemic3.

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