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sunlight and myopia in children

Dr Seang -Mei Saw of the Singapore Eye Research Institute has been quoted that myopia in children may be influenced by sunlight.   Myopia affects almost 50% of third graders in Singapore, prevalence of 28% in 7 year olds in Singapore.  Thus Professor Saw and colleagues looked at several epidemiologic studies and found that:1) possible link between outdoor activities and decreased myopia, 2) several animal models suggest that light of different luminances can influence refractive development in baby chicks and rats, 3)sunlight differs from indoor lighting in its wavelength characteristics and may influence the development of the visual system.


Ngo C, Saw SM, Dharani R, Flitcroft I.  Does Sunlight (bright lights) explain the protective effects of outdoor activity against myopia? Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics 2013; 33: 368-372.

Rose KA, Morgan IG, Ip J, Kifley A,  et al.  Outdoor Activity reduces the prevalence of myopia in children. Ophthalmology 2008; 115: 1279-1285.

Submitted by Mary Gao, BS UC Santa Barbara

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