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The surface of the white eye is called the bulbar conjunctiva, and the back of the eyelid is called the eyelid conjunctiva. The conjunctiva joins the eye and the eyelids so that they move well. In addition, the tears created by the tear line moisturize the surface of the eye, flush out dust and waste products, and play a role in preventing bacteria and viruses from invading the eye .

Conjunctivitis type  ( conjunctivitis ( pink eye))

There are things due to allergies and viruses, and symptoms are seen in the eyes and around the eyes, such as in the eyes. In addition, and conjunctivitis caused by allergies , they have different symptoms with conjunctivitis caused by a virus. Allergic is characterized by itchy eyes. Conjunctivitis caused by the virus may vary depending on the virus, but symptoms such as redness, tears, and swelling of the eyelids may occur.

Viral acute conjunctivitis (haze eyes)

Bumps and congestion on the back of the eyelids, swelling of the eyelids, increased eye and tears, itching, scorching, rumbling and dazzling . It usually becomes light in about 10 days.If the symptoms are severe, it may cause dry eye.

Trachoma ( Trachoma )

Trachoma is similar in symptoms to viral acute conjunctivitis . It is a disease that is very difficult to diagnose in the early stage , and it is easy to be mistaken for viral acute conjunctivitis etc. in the early stage . The symptom is firstly eyelids, conjunctiva congested and swollen. Eyes and eyes begin to appear, and small bumps appear in the palpebral conjunctiva. If it is left as it is, the blood vessels will grow from the conjunctiva into the cornea. In addition, the eyelids glare to the eyeball side, and the eyelashes (upside down) that got into the inside damage the cornea.

Infection prevention measures

If you are diagnosed with viral conjunctivitis, you should be careful not to spread the infection to people around you. There is a risk of infecting others in epidemic keratoconjunctivitis and pharyngeal conjunctival fever for about 1 to 2 weeks and for acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis in 3 to 4 days. Viruses are often transmitted from the hands or handkerchiefs that you see. It is important to wash your hands often to prevent infection. Do not use towels but use disposable paper towels.

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