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Filipino Americans have a high death rate from COVID-19

Filipino-Americans have a high death rate from Covid-19 compared to other ethnic groups in the United States. Filipinos make up ⅓ of all Covid-19 deaths in California’s Asian population.  In Los Angeles county, 48 Filipinos have had Covid-19 and 19 have died, which is a 40% mortality rate, higher than the 3.7% overall United States mortality rate. Many Filipino Americans over age 60  have diabetes, hypertension and live in multigenerational housing or nursing homes. Younger Filipino Americans often work in the healthcare field, law enforcement or work in grocery stores. Limited research exists on Fillipino health and ethnicity-specific data for Asian subgroups is not reported by the California Department of Public Health, making it difficult to identify and analyze Fillipino-American health data. We, in healthcare, should be ready to monitor our Filipino American patients more closely if they have Covid-19.


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