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Dangerously High Salt Intake in China

Dangerously High Salt Intake in China

A systematic review and meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American Heart Association1 on July, 11 2019, found that the average sodium intake among all age groups in China are twice the recommended limits and the potassium intake was less than half the recommended limits. This is of concern because high sodium and low potassium intakes lead to increases in the rate of cardiovascular disease due to elevated blood pressure2. The researchers quantified this study using 70 published 24-hour urinary sodium studies, compiling the data of around 890 children and 25,877 adults across China.

Though the level of sodium intake has been slowly decreasing in Northern China, the data persists that sodium intake has been consistently high for the past 4 decades across the country. It is recommended that a robust nationwide strategy is implemented in China to decrease sodium and increase potassium intake to improve global health.




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