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European Society of Cardiologists Meeting NEWS

Fewer carbohydrates and more fat reduce mortality: Data from 135,000 patients across 5 continents suggest that fewer carbs may reduce death non-Cardiovascular mortality. It was found that total fat intake in the highest vs lowest quartile was associated with a significant 23% reduction of total mortality risk, and 18% reduced risk of stroke and a 30% reduced risk of non-cardiovascular ... Read More »

New drug for heart failure: Entresto by Novartis

“Patients with heart failure stand to benefit from a new drug that can halt the progression of their disease and reduce their risk of cardiovascular–related death. But the drug — a tablet that combines the agents valsartan and sacubitril, sold under the trade name Entresto by drugmaker Novartis — may be too good to be true, according to Arthur M. ... Read More »

Exercise and Skin Health

According to a study by McMaster University in Canada, women over age 65 who worked out at least two hours a week for three months had the skin composition of someone 20-30 years younger.  Researcher credit myokines, which are growth factors that hard working muscles pump into the bloodstream, where they help benefit skin all over. Read More »

노인성 황반 변증 (AMD)

이 사진은, 노인성 황반 변증 임니다.   55세가 넘으면, 노인성 황반 변증이 전 미국에서 가장 큰 실명의 원인이 됩니다. 하지만 이걸 치료할수있는 방법이 몇가지 있습니다. 그 중 제일 효과가 좋은 치료방법은 중국의 Chengdu Kanghong Pharmaceutical Group (쳉도 강홍 제약 회사)이 만든 주사입니다. 이 치료는 3달에 한번만 받으면 되고, 다른 약들보다 효과가 더 뛰어나고 눈이 더 밝아질수 있습니다.   코레스테롤이 높을경우, 이런증상이 ... Read More »

17 Red Flag Signs of Cancer


According to a new report from the Cancer Research UK, 1 in 2 people will develop cancer over the course of their lives because of the aging population. Signs of cancer for men and women: An unusual lump or swelling anywhere on your body A change in the size, shape or colour of a mole A sore that won’t heal ... Read More »

(Chinese) 視網膜中風的成因及風險

視網膜中風或視網膜動脈阻塞發生時, 視網膜上的小動脈被阻塞了, 此病好發於老人身上. 病人通常有一個眼睛突然失去部分視力或一半的視力. 這是血管栓塞造成的, 其組成有膽固醇, 鈣質或者血小板. 而栓塞通常起源於心臟. 它的併發症有心臟病, 高血壓, 糖尿病等. 如果發現視力喪失, 得馬上去急診或找附近眼科醫生. 這是緊急事故. 雖然視網膜中風不常見 (每年每十萬個人有一個人發病), 但是發生在你或家人身上時, 你需要馬上治療. 由於十年沒有控制她的高血壓; 這個四十六歲的黑女人將喪失視力. Read More »