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三月 5-7 号,夜间葡萄糖(在圣地 亚哥的内分泌大会(ENDO2015)上展出,获得所有经临展室医生的好评。 本次大会八千以上医师,近半数来自美国以外,例如来自首都医大的主任医 师,博导,王春雪博士,除了对本产品感到惊讶外,赞口不绝,并建议到国 内大力推广。

本产品在就寝前服用,最初 2 小时不释放葡萄糖,而后逐渐释出约 5 小时, 克服了使用点心食物的数种缺陷,完美地预防后半夜低血糖的出现。实在是 所有使用中长效胰岛素及多种降糖药病人的必备品,以防止脑力减退。

March 5-7, DiabeticsGuardTM was exhibited at the ENDO 2015 in San Diego. All endocrinologists saw the product gave a thumb up. This conference gathered over 8,000 medical doctors among which near half were come from over seas. Wang Chunxue, MD, PhD, a neurologist and professor, was surprised to see it and highly praised for the design and practical use. She strongly suggests promoting DiabeticsGuard in vast Chinese communities.

DiabeticsGuard is taken at bedtime. It is a delayed and sustained release glucose product, which holds for the first couple of hours followed by gradual release of glucose for about 5 hours to prevent over night low blood sugar (nocturnal hypoglycemia). Any diabetics on medium or long acting insulin and many oral medications should have DiabeticsGuard with them, in order to prevent cognitive impairment. For more information, please visit or (Chinese).

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